At Mission House, we do 3 things.

  1. We live as a permanent Christian community near downtown Kansas City, Kansas.
  2. We seek the ongoing restoration of the surrounding community.
  3. We train young Christians to live as Jesus lived.

So we are a long-term Christian community rooted in one KCK neighborhood and trying to be a local church together. As a small group of Christians living together, we offer short-term and long-term training opportunities. Please see our internship and residency pages, respectively, to find out more about the missional training that we do.

But we also stress that we are not simply a training organization. Rather, training happens while we are on mission together in the neighborhood where we see ourselves as sent to love and serve our neighbors. For this reason, there is always ongoing neighborhood revitalization work we are seeking to complete, as we observe the poverty and problems around us, and listen to our neighbors about their hopes and dreams for this place. Please see our year-round page for more info about the permanent transformational work we're a part of in Kansas City, Kansas.